At a young age I had vision and insight.  I decided
that I would become a part of "the solution".  As time
went on, my dreams faded and I chose to follow the
easier path.  Some time ago I woke to find this
comfortable little space I made for myself had changed
along with the world we all share.  Circumstances, not
choice, forced me to alter my direction.  I began by
doing something I really love.  Working with beach
stones seemed a small step in the right direction.

I have lived on Cape Cod for over three decades and have
always had an insatiable love of the sea.  I seldom
return home without a pocket full of stones.  Several
years ago my connection with stones advanced to a
new level.  Harvesting Cape Cod Beach Stones has
become my passion.  I collect my stones from the
beaches of Provincetown to the South Shore of Boston.  
My designs transform them from a place in the waves
to a new palette of silver and leather. I do not tumble
them or alter them in any way other than drilling a
hole or an occasional engraving.  Mother Nature
provides the smoothing and polishing.  Each of my
pieces is unique to itself as no two stones are ever
About KEM